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Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

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Vol. 0 Preview: Mini-prints #2 and #3! Molly & Théo cameo portraits.

These serve a dual purpose, both as interior art for the book and as standalone mini-prints for the print pack. I wanted a classic look for these pieces that would be typical of the times, so I tried to channel my inner Rockwell. There’s a little bit of Leyendecker in there too, I think.

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Listening to the RO2 OST, drawing my animes.

Listening to the RO2 OST, drawing my animes.

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generationiii said: What would Molly and Theo's 'canon' godtiers be? I know you said it once on twitter, but it's probably got lost in the archive of tweets...

Witch of Hope and Knight of Mind!


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Sneak peek at Molly & Théo’s 2013 look!

Théo doesn’t have much in the way of clothes, but you can expect to see a lot of wardrobe changes for Molly throughout the comic.

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The Cloud Factory is a fantasy adventure webcomic by Alexandra Douglass.

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