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untitled cloud factory piece

get hyped!!!!

This is one of my favorite TCF songs to date. It inspired this concept piece of the valley’s capitol, which I am currently rendering in color and detail for the next donation wallpaper!

If this doesn’t scream overland rpg journey, I don’t know what does.

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Untitled Cloud Factory piece

Cloud factory is an upcoming comic by my good friend Alexandra Douglass. I am doing a soundtrack that will be available some time after official release of the comic!

A new CF track from James for Music Monday!


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Finished that CF track

A chippy tune to start your day! James hadn’t titled it yet, so I think I’d like to call it Ballad of the Tinkers.

This was supposed to go over here, rather than my main blog. Oh well!

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Cloud Factory: Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is exactly what you might expect: an autumn festival celebrating the year’s final harvest with an evening of feasting, drinking, and dancing for all ages. Tribute is paid to the old spirit of the earth with bundles of dried food hung at the hearth, special Festival treats are enjoyed, and the youth dress up as creatures and characters from folklore. Sort of like Halloween and Thanksgiving all rolled into one!

The piece this goes with will be released soon, and I have a nice World Building Wednesday post queued up for later this week! In the meantime, enjoy this enchanting waltz by James.

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Cloud Factory: Sun Touched

Is this a scene from the comic? You will have to wait and find out! 


You guys don’t have to wait till tomorrow for some awesome new content though!

"Sun touched" is how the valley folk refer to people with fair hair, so three guesses as to who this one is about.

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