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Worldbuilding Wednesday: Askbox Edition!

Why is it called the Cloud Factory? - tjlowe

There are ruins from a long-forgotten civilization scattered all over the world in which TCF is set. One hundred years before the story takes place, one such ruin mysteriously sprang to life and started spewing clouds into the valley from its tall, smokestack-like spires, giving it the appearance of a factory.

What is the architecture like in the valley? - banjaloupe

Although the story is set during this world’s industrial age, and many larger cities outside of the valley reflect something of an Edwardian aesthetic, the valley itself is fairly slow to change. Architecture there ranges from stone cottages and walled castle towns, to “modern” homesteads with manicured lawns and decorative gingerbread woodwork, but the majority of the architecture there is rustic tutor. Think Alpine village!

Since life in the valley sounds like it has some different challenges going on compared to the rest of the world, due to being rained on all the time, are there any special traditions, myths or events that have sprung up that help them cope with their own environment that you can talk about? - ourfaeriesarediffering

While there are many different cultures and religions in their world, most valley folk worship the old spirits of the earth, as theirs is still an agricultural society at heart. The majority of people simply go through the motions as a matter of tradition, but they have their zealots. There are those who believe the catastrophic effects of the ruins are punishment from the old gods for living too decadently and taking their natural gifts for granted. Some simply take it upon themselves to become more pious that they might repent, while others take more… extreme measures.

Your black and white work on the elimination Stripsearch episode today was so beautiful. What’s the art style of TCF? Can we expect any similar work in here? - levrickards

Thank you! It is my preference to work with color, but because my rendering style is so time consuming, I default to black and white when there are constraints in place. The Cloud Factory will be a full-color, painterly online graphic novel (along the lines of Dresden Codak, Unsounded, and Ava’s Demon). As I mentioned on my art blog, however, the response to my elimination comic has been so overwhelming that it has opened my eyes to the possibility of doing more strip style vignettes. I won’t make any promises yet, but it’s something I’m giving a lot more thought to.

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