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citrusshrimp said: Where do the jars come from? Are they made out of glass; where do they get the sand? Are the linens made from a certain swamp plant?


In spite of the hardship of living in the valley, it is home to many artisans and craftsmen. If a town has been lucky enough to survive, there’s a good chance it has someone who can work with glass. As for the sand, there’s no shortage of gravel bed rivers (which result in sandy river banks), and since many inhabitants transitioned from agriculture to mining and quarrying when the land ceased to be farmable, quite a bit is produced as a byproduct.

Glass blowers also import sands from various locations outside of the valley to create specialty products, but most common apothecarial brews don’t require special materials for their vessels. The physical appearance of the containers an apothecary uses is largely based on their personal taste and what is available to them.


Watergrass is plentiful in the valley, and used for a variety of purposes including the production of linen. While the leafy ends of the plants are supple and easy to eat, the stalks are tough and very fibrous and aren’t often cooked unless food is scarce. The resulting fabric rough, but very durable, much like hemp.

Cotton and flax fabrics are typical imports as well, though they are more likely to be used in clothing, and are much less accessible to remote villages. Wool is more commonly used in mountain villages where keeping herds of sheep is still possible and watergrass is less abundant.

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