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IT IS DONE! The piece I’ve been working on these past two weeks is my inaugural donation wallpaper, featuring main characters Molly and Theo enjoying holiday festivities.

From the most recent music post:

The Harvest Festival is exactly what you might expect: an autumn festival celebrating the year’s final harvest with an evening of feasting, drinking, and dancing for all ages. Tribute is paid to the old spirits of the earth with bundles of dried food hung at the hearth, special Festival treats are enjoyed, and the youth dress up as creatures and characters from folklore. Sort of like Halloween and Thanksgiving all rolled into one!

A donation of any amount will net you both wallpapers, and new wallpapers are cumulative so you’ll always have access to the full collection whenever you donate. If you’d like to enjoy these wallpapers in their full resolution glory and help support the creation of this webcomic, please click here or on the little donation icon in the sidebar on the right and follow the instructions.

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