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The Project Resumes!

Sorry about the radio silence, everyone! This isn’t the pace I wanted to set for the project, nor do I like leaving you guys in the dark, but shortly after the last update I was overcome by a serious bout of depression requiring medical attention and an unplanned hiatus from both the project and my usual internet activities. It’s been a slow recovery, and I’m still nowhere near 100%, but I’m doing better and have been quietly working (from under half a foot of snow) to catch up these past few weeks.

While I still have a couple prints to draw, I’m excited to share some of the completed Kickstarter rewards that have yet to be unveiled.

The Swag

Backers at the $35 level and up will be getting this sticker sheet in addition to the books, buttons, bookmarks, and mini-prints:

And backers at the $45 level and up will be getting the much-anticipated luna bee lapel pin:

Both of the above rewards will be available for purchase outside of the context of the Kickstarter after all backers have received their copies. I’ve also completed the bookplate, which is exclusive to the Kickstarter, but I’ll share the artwork with you guys later once backers have had a chance to preview it first!

The Comic

Fulfilling the Kickstarter is still my top priority, so the comic itself will be on hold for a little longer while I catch up on everything, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it. I’ve been scripting and thumbnailing ahead when I can, and have been considering new ways to deliver content regularly while accommodating for my condition.

And that’s where things currently stand! The Cloud Factory hasn’t been abandoned, and my love for the project hasn’t diminished in any way. Well, I mean, it HAS been abandoned, but uh… in the context of the comic. Because ancient ruins. I mean stuff still lives there but not the original people who built it because that was like thousands of years ago and they’re all dead now or whatever.

Thank you all for your concern, well-wishes, and patience!


p.s. If you’re a backer for the TCF book, please check the Kickstarter page (or e-mail, if you were a Paypal backer) for a more detailed update!

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Sorry fellas, these ladies are already engaged….


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Alexandra Douglass shows us her shiny new printed Cloud Factory comics — looking good!

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Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

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Public KS Update: Finished Books and Shipping Prep! »

The Cloud Factory will resume updating soon, but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to behind the scenes!

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